Dog training and behaviour services in Mid Wales

At Puppy Plus we offer a wide range of training and behaviour services to pet guardians in both in Mid Wales and Shropshire at our purpose-built training barn which is located near Newtown, Powys.

Suitable for all dog breeds, and breed mixes, ages and levels of experience, we host a range of one-to-one training sessions, dog training courses and workshops to help you and your dog progress with obedience, gundog skills, scentwork, agility, parkour and more. 

We also offer online puppy training and adult dog training courses for pet guardians and professionals, living locally and further afield.

Since we launched these virtual dog training solutions, our online dog training courses and packages have allowed clients from all over the UK to learn from our highly skilled dog training experts and enjoy dog training at home.  

Why choose Puppy Plus?

Emma Stoker set up Puppy Plus in 2013, to provide professional support for anyone looking to enhance their relationship with their dog.  Those looking to build a greater understanding of their dog's needs, training and behaviour to ensure a harmonious life together. 

As such, our puppy classes, dog training courses and and one to one sessions are designed to be informative, fun and supportive. All dogs and owners, regardless of previous dog training experience, will be made to feel welcome and valued.

As well as training fun skills, Puppy Plus was also set up to provide support and advice to any owners experiencing challenging or abnormal behaviours from their dogs.  

Not only can it be frustrating and embarrassing when dogs don't behave in the way we expect them to, but it can also be incredibly upsetting and sometimes even traumatic for pet guardians trying to live with a fearful or reactive dog.

Our dog behaviour specialist offers bespoke one-to-one training sessions and behaviour consultations to help you find a positive, reward-based solution to any behavioural issues you might be experiencing with your dog.

Our overall aim here at Puppy Plus is to show how a strong, lasting bond between the dog and owner can be developed and nurtured through training, play and understanding.

Puppy Plus Training Barn Location

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