What Puppy Plus clients had to say...

Really impressed with the depth of empathy that Emma has for dogs and her ability to assess their character, behaviour and emotional state.

She has amazing observational skills, with the ability to see tiny nuances in body language, then change the environment and use kind, positive techniques to enable the dog to learn more easily.

Her classes are extremely well structured and paced, allowing for the ability of each dog, and owner, and she is mindful of individual needs.

Emma is an excellent, friendly and personable teacher, giving clear, reasoned and fun lessons, full of help and tips, along with very well written handouts for progress at home.

She has really been able to turn things around and help my worrying Rottweiler with BAT training, plus give my new pup a great start in the puppy class. 100% Recommended!

Kealy Thomas


We have been so fortunate to find Puppy Plus which has a fantastic online puppy package. The training videos are easy to follow with smart advice to give you and your puppy confidence and competence.

Emma is a true master - so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She understands dogs, their individual quirks and issues, and finds fast solutions.

Her one to one online sessions have helped us to understand and communicate better with our cocker spaniel and we are looking forward to the next session already! Thank you Emma!

Diane McCrystal


After moving to the area from Herefordshire, I decided a good way of meeting new friends might be to take up dog training, so I looked online and found Emma.

WOW! I couldn't have done better - not only does she practice kind training methods for the dogs, she is also super kind to their owners - this makes the training both useful for the dogs and highly enjoyable for us.

Since joining the rally sessions, we have also extended this to gundog training and agility. Emma has also encouraged us to enter some rally obedience competitions which have been great fun (If a little nerve racking!) and without Emma's support would have seemed beyond us in the past.

It feels with Emma that we have gained a new friend as well as a fantastic dog trainer!

Lizzie Hooton-Caldicott


I have attended two workshops with Puppy Plus - Parkour and Rally. Both were fantastic, well run, informative days that were interactive and sensitive to all the dogs needs. Emma is a great trainer. Can't wait till the next one!

Finula McMunn


We always have a great time at Puppy Plus! We've got two dogs who have attended puppy training. We've also attended Good Citizen Bronze Award Classes, Agility, Gundog, Man trailing.... and can't wait to do more!

Emma has helped us so much with behaviour problems with one of our dogs, her advice has helped us manage his resource guarding and aggression. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Carolanne Marie


Had a great online training session with Emma.

The time went so quickly but I have such a good plan in place now!

Thanks for your time Emma - the training always makes a difference to our home (& work!) life!

Ami Davies


We had one to one training with Puppy Plus for our rescue dog,  a cross between a Beagle and a Cocker Spaniel.

Emma did an amazing job at getting her to listen and with practise she will actually come back to us off lead! Thank you so much. We will be back for other classes in the near future.

Mairead Murray


Absolutely fantastic rally obedience workshop! I left feeling confident, enthusiastic about my club's future and excited about the sport!

Emma really tailored her approach to every dog present and their unique differences and was encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable. When is Level 2? Thank you Puppy Plus!

Kahla Delahay

Valleys Dog Behaviour and Training