Canine hoopers is a fast, fun, low-impact dog sport. Hoopers has been designed to protect the dog's long-term well-being by maintaining flowing courses of low impact obstacles. Handlers are required to handle their dogs through hoops, large tunnels, and around barrels at a distance. 

Hoopers is accessible to all dogs and handlers, in particular, those handlers with limited mobility as distance handling is a crucial factor in training for canine hoopers.

At Puppy Plus, we run both hoopers workshops and also regular classes over the summer months. Both Emma and Katie are accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructors, and have both competed in Hoopers UK competitions with their own dogs.
The Good Hoopers Award Scheme is offered by all Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructors and their training clubs. There are four different levels, including foundation, bronze, silver and gold. Both the bronze and silver awards can be gained through classes, and one to one training sessions with Puppy Plus. More information on Canine Hoopers can be found here: