Behaviour Consultations at Puppy Plus

Why book a behaviour consultation and what's included?

On occasions, dogs show behaviours that go beyond what we can address in one to one sessions or group training. These behaviours are more complex, and may involve fear, generalised anxiety, frustration, separation related behaviours, or aggression directed towards other dogs or people. These cases can be very complex, with many factors influencing the dog's behaviour, including breed, age, genetics, health, temperament, nutrition, and previous learning experiences. Because of this, each case takes time to dissect, and understand.

Please be aware that behavioural change takes time. There are no quick fixes and in many cases,  behaviour change can be slow.  It is important to understand this before you book with us. Multiple sessions following the behaviour consultation may be needed, to help you to implement the behaviour modification programme, and for you to learn the necessary skills to help your dog. Behaviour change will take time, effort and a considerable commitment from yourselves.
Our behavioural consultations are £175 and include initial phone contact, management strategies, contact with your vet, a consultation at the barn, which usually lasts around 2 hours, and a written report. This package also includes an additional one to one follow up behavioural session and 2 months' follow-up support by email/messenger/phone as required.

Which behaviours can we address?

We can develop behavioural modifications plans for a range of behaviours including:

  • Fearful behaviour directed towards a range of things, including people, other dogs, noises, or traffic.
  • Aggression or reactivity (whether developed through fear or frustration) directed towards a variety of stimuli, which may involve barking, growling, lunging, snapping or biting and/or redirected aggression. 
  • Resource guarding, including aggressive behaviour around food, objects or space.
  • Territorial behaviours, including barking or reactive behaviour within the home.
  • Separation related problems, which involve anxiety when separated from the owner or being anxious when left alone. This may involve destructive behaviour, barking or howling, or urinating or defecating in the house.
  • Handling problems, including during grooming, veterinary treatment, nail clipping etc.
  • Noise sensitivity.
  • Chasing or predatory behaviour.
  • Compulsive behaviours, such as repetitive circling, spinning, pacing, air snapping or hallucinations etc.

How do we treat behavioural problems?

We begin by assessing the problem behaviours that the dog is showing. We do this through observation of the dog themselves, their guardian's descriptions of the events that have lead them to contacting us, as well as recordings of the family home, or local environment including areas where the behaviour has taken place. We do not need to see the problem behaviours themselves, especially if this involves putting the dog and/or their guardian into a stressful situation that involve risk. We also ask lots of questions, to assess the situation in as much detail as we can, some of our questions may seen irrelevant, but all build up into the bigger picture!

We do not judge, or apportion blame. We understand that when people visit us for consultations, they may be feeling upset and vulnerable. We are kind, empathetic, and we look forward to future behavioural change, rather than back at what 'went wrong'. Understanding why behaviours have developed is important, but from a purely factual perspective. Supporting you and your dog, so that you both feel empowered and able to create change is our priority.

During the consultation, we will discuss the reasons for your dogs behaviour, as well as the management and training needed to keep everyone happy and safe. We will look at the problem from your dog's perspective, in order for you to understand their emotional needs, and why they are doing, what they are doing. We may introduce some practical training, but this is usually reserved for the follow up session. We will book this additional session at the end of the consultation.

After the consultation, we send a report withing 7 days, including notes and information relevant to the dog's behaviour.

Where will the Behavioural Consultation take place

All of our behavioural consultations take place at our training barn near Newtown. 

Making an appointment.

Our consultations can be booked online through the link below. Upon booking, you will be asked to complete an questionnaire about your dog. The behavioural consultations will usually take a couple of hours. Email and phone support are available throughout the treatment plan.

Before treatment can begin, you will be asked to visit your vet to obtain a signed referral form. We will supply this for you also. We ask for a veterinary referral because just as in humans, physical conditions can cause behaviour changes and pain has been associated with a variety of behavioural concerns.