In Person Dog Training at Puppy Plus

Puppy training classes

We organise and run a variety of training classes throughout the week at our training barn near Newtown.

On a Monday and Tuesday evenings, we run our puppy training and socialisation classes. At busier times of the year, we organise additional puppy classes on other weekday evenings.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme classes

We also run the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme classes. These classes are for older puppies, adolescent and older dogs to work on their basic obedience and manners around people and other dogs.

We offer the silver and gold classes throughout the autumn, winter and spring months only as we offer agility and hoopers classes instead over the summer. We also run some of our GCDS classes on a Wednesday morning. 

Dog sports / activity classes

We also run a range of other classes for dogs and their guardians throughout the week, including scentwork classes, hoopers, agility, rally obedience and gundog classes. 

What happens if my dog doesn't settle in class?

Depending on their level of socialisation, experiences, breed, temperament, etc., some puppies and older dogs just do not cope in the class environment with people and dogs that they do not know.

If your dog is showing signs of stress, cannot settle by the end of your first session, or reacts to other dogs by barking and lunging, it would be much better to leave the group sessions for now and to look at either behavioural consultations or one to one training sessions instead.