Scentwork or detection dog training,  is an exciting activity which allows our dogs to engage in a hobby that enables them to use their super sense, their unique olfactory system. With a sense of smell that is 10,000 - 100,000 times stronger than ours - dogs just love the opportunity to use their noses.

Its really quite fascinating watching your dog search an area that has a hidden odour. Observing their body language, how they work the area, pick the odour up, and trace it back to source is something that leaves me in awe every time.

At Puppy Plus, we offer both daytime and evening Scentwork classes,  weekend introductory workshops, as well as scentwork training days at different and exciting venues. We can cover specialist topics including scentwork progression, tricky hides (inaccessible hides) and search systems.

We also use scentwork to supplement our other courses, and offer one to one scentwork sessions also. Our one to one sessions are bespoke sessions that are tailored to your unique needs, so whether you are just starting out, or you want to work on your indication, searching, or handling - we have you covered!

Many of our clients attend trials, while others just love the experience of training with their dogs, and watching their dog's sheer enjoyment of the sport. ALL ages and ALL breeds of dog are welcome to take part!

Emma Stoker is a City and Guilds qualified Detection Dog Handler, and Instructor with the College of Scent Dogs.

Both Katie Harvey and Emma Stoker are Scentwork UK Accredited Instructors and Judges. They are also able to assess Odour Recognition Tests on behalf of the National Nosework Association (NNA). Both Emma and Katie are also NNA Trial Officials with Emma being a NNA Judge also.  Both Emma and Katie also compete in Scentwork UK trials, Nosework Games and NNA Trials with their own dogs with a good level of success.

We hold regular Nosework Games and Scentwork Trials at the barn. We are also starting to offer NNA Trials at different venues.

Nosework Games were set up to provide a skill based nosework competition that would enable teams to compete and be tested on foundation skills. These games help build skills and progression in all our training. 

Scentwork UK offers various progression levels, with gradually increasing difficulty, introducing new odours and more complex searches at higher levels. If you decide to attend these trials, everyone starts at level 1 and progresses after passing that individual level. You can stay at a level as long as you want to gain points towards an 'Excellent Title' or if you think your dog needs more experience at that particular level.

The NNA aims to provide handlers and their dogs an opportunity to compete in nosework challenges in different and challenging environments. There are various levels to work through, with badges and skills awards to collect.