Dog Sports / Activity Classes at Puppy Plus

We organise and run a variety of dog sports, activity sessions and group classes throughout the year.

Those fit, busy dogs that need a new job to increase their mental stimulation and keep them occupied. Those fearful dogs that lack confidence who need activities to increase their confidence and resilience. And those older dogs that still have a busy active mind that need activities that allow them to fulfil their full potential.

We see, everyday, the relationships that grow and blossom between dogs and their guardians through participation in these activities and the opportunity to spend quality time together.
Whether you are looking to compete, earn badges or rosettes, or just enjoy spending time with your dog we can cater to your needs. We have, ourselves, competed in a variety of Scentwork trials, hoopers and agility competitions, gundog working tests and rally obedience competitions as well as having achieved parkour and hoopers awards with our own dogs. We also show our dogs. 

We have one-to-one sessions or classes that will suit you and your individual dog, which can be booked through our website. We also run occasional workshops with a focus on a particular activity. If you can't see what you require please email us, and we'll do our best to accommodate you and your dog.
For more information on each of the different dog sports / activity classes we offer, click on the headings below...
Our scentwork classes are run throughout the year, with both daytime and evening classes taking place. Our classes are about having fun with your dog,  but if you are thinking about competing we offer training for Scentwork UK and NNA trials, as well as Nosework Games. 
Our mantrailing sessions are usually organised every two weeks, and are held in a variety of different venues. We also run introductory sessions a few times a year.
Our gundog classes are held as two hour sessions, which run every other week on a Thursday during the daytime. We hold classes for those working towards their Gundog Club Grade 1 and 2 , and Grade 3 and 4 field tests. 
Over the Summer months we also organise and run hoopers classes. These are usually held on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. We may also run Wednesday daytime classes depending on time availability. These are organised according to experience.
Over the Summer months we organise and run agility classes outdoors in our agility paddock. These are usually held on a Wednesday or Thursday evening and are organised according to experience.
We have a purpose-built dog parkour course at our training barn which we use in our one to one Parkour sessions. We also incorporate parkour into some of our classes too. 
We organise Rally Obedience classes as and when requested by our clients. We have clients and dogs who train with us who compete from a Level 1 to Level 6.
One to one ringcraft sessions are available to anyone wishing to improve their dog's performance in the show ring or their own ringcraft skills.