Dog parkour combines human parkour and dog agility elements to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike.

Dogs are introduced to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing over, crawling under, and going around various obstacles in their everyday world. Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by your own imagination.

Dog parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete.
We have a purpose-built dog parkour course at our training barn which we regularly use as part of our classes. We also use obstacles that can be found in the local environment such as fallen logs, tyres, chairs and boxes.

All dogs participating in our parkour activities must wear a harness with lead (if using) clipped to back. Harness width straps must be appropriate for the dog's size, with minimum 1-inch straps for all but the smallest dogs. Ruffwear and Hurtta make harnesses which are idea for parkour activities. The harness may be removed for obstacles that are done at ground level.
Emma is a Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the International Dog Parkour Association and has gained parkour titles with her own dogs.

At Puppy Plus, we have our own parkour title awards that dogs can work their way through. We also offer support to any of our participants aiming to gain their parkour titles from the IDPKA.