Puppy Essentials Online

All the information you will need in those early days!

Join the Puppy Plus online 'Puppy Essentials' course and give your puppy the best start you can provide!

On our Puppy Essentials online course we cover all the things a new puppy guardian needs to know in the first few weeks or months of bringing their puppy home. 

Training is important, but understanding your puppy's needs, providing appropriate socialisation, toilet training your puppy proficiently, providing your puppy with appropriate sleep, tackling their play biting and managing their early behaviour can have a massive impact on the life your puppy grows up to live, and on your own relationship with your puppy.

Puppies can be hard work, but we can help make it easier! 
Our course content includes advice on:

Meet your trainer:
Emma Stoker

Emma has a BA in Education, a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training, is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC,  a full member of PACT and is on the ABTC register.

As well as being accredited with several organisations including, Scentwork UK, The NNA, The Gundog Club, The Agility Club, The International Dog Parkour Association, and Canine Hoopers UK, Emma is also a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, a Kennel Club Rally Obedience Judge, an Agility Judge and a GCDS Examiner.

This course was designed and written by Emma, for puppy guardians who want to understand their puppies needs and provide them with the very best start they possibly can. If you have a young puppy and are one of these people - then this course was written for you!

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