Ringcraft for Puppies

Creating, Confident, Happy Puppies in the Showring!

Our Ringcraft for Puppies classes will provide you with all the skills you need to prepare your puppy for the showring.

If you have a young or slightly older puppy - this course will be perfect for you. Whether you are an experienced show handler, or showing is something that is new to you, we are confident that this course will broaden your skills set, enabling you to be the best handler and teacher to your puppy, that you can be.  

All of our training uses kind. reinforcement based methods, and includes exercises based on those employed in Canine Cooperative Care. By giving our dogs a voice, we increase the control they have over what is happening to them, which will increase their confidence in the long run.  

Whether you intend to compete, or not - there are many benefits to teaching your dog these fun exercises...

In our Puppy Ringcraft Classes classes we have planned a series of exercises that build on a number of core skills. These include:

  • teaching a stand behaviour
  • adding in duration and distraction to that stand
  • teaching our puppies to feel comfortable when approached by a stranger and handled by a stranger. 
  • We also include looking at handling teeth.  
  • We also look at movement, and teaching you and your puppy to move together with fluidity and presence. 
  • We also address specific problems such as being hand shy, reluctancy to having teeth examined, excitement and/or galloping in the ring! 

  • Join our Puppy Ringcraft Course today - and start a journey that will help you to ensure your puppy reaches their full potential.

Course Curriculum

Meet your trainer:
Emma Stoker

Emma has a BA in Education, a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training, is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC, a full member of PACT and is on the ABTC register.

 As well as being accredited with several organisations including, Scentwork UK, The NNA, The Gundog Club, The Agility Club, The International Dog Parkour Association, and Canine Hoopers UK, Emma is also a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, a Kennel Club Rally Obedience Judge, an Agility Judge and a GCDS Examiner.  

This course was designed and written by Emma, for people who enjoy spending time with their dogs, teaching them new behaviours, and for dogs that enjoy having a job to do!

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